Learn English by speaking with an AI

Practice realistic conversations. Get instant grammar feedback. Anytime, anywhere.

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iPhone displaying the Toko app, featuring a voice-message conversation about hobbies where the user is in the middle of recording a message iPhone displaying the Toko app, with one message highlighted and a menu of options below it displaying the ability to show text, play the message slower, and translate the message

Build confidence in a low-pressure environment

With Toko, you can speak English every day. No need to schedule in advance. No one will judge you for making mistakes. Speaking with Toko is convenient AND stress-free!

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Instant grammar feedback

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Real-world scenarios

Drawing of laptop representing "business topics", coffee cup representing "small talk", and credit card representing "everyday life"

Daily, bite-sized chats

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English Learners ❤️ Toko

I have never looked for an English teacher because I’ve been too busy and don't have time. With Toko, I can practice everyday.
Portrait of Toko user Judy, a young Asian woman wearing sunglasses
When I am nervous, my mind goes blank. Toko gives me space to let me think about how to say it. This helps me build confidence for real-life situations.
Portrait of Toko user Sandy, a middle-aged Asian woman in front of greenery
Toko actually understood what I said and responded realistically--WOW!
Portrait of Toko user Joe, a young Asian man in a blue-collared shirt
Erica and Jen standing in front of the Golden Gate Bridge

Made in America 🇺🇸

We're Erica & Jen, the two ABC MIT grads who created Toko. We’re on a mission to make English learning more accessible and fun.

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