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Toko is an AI-powered, voice-based platform that helps you improve your English conversation skills.

Build confidence in a low-pressure environment

Toko offers daily bite-sized practice sessions – perfect for busy people who want more opportunities to speak English. Unlike Siri, Toko can hold a complete dialogue. Practice with Toko and say goodbye to anxiety during real-life conversations.

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Instant grammar feedback

Real-world scenarios

Daily, bite-sized chats

English Learners ❤️ Toko

I have never looked for an English teacher because I’ve been too busy and don't have time. With, Toko I can practice everyday.
When I am nervous, my mind goes blank. Toko gives me space to let me think about how to say it. This helps me build confidence for real-life situations.
Toko actually understood what I said and responded realistically--WOW!

Made in America 🇺🇸

We're Erica & Jen, the two ABC MIT graduates who created Toko. We're so excited you've chosen Toko on your language learning journey!